Jul 25, 2007

A Cigar is Just a Cigar

Направих си тест с мастилени петна. Ахаха:)

Haz, your subconscious mind is driven most by Peace

You are driven by a higher purpose than most people. You have a deeply-rooted desire to facilitate peacefulness in the world. Whether through subtle interactions with loved ones, or through getting involved in social causes, it is important to you to influence the world.

You are driven by a desire to encourage others to think about the positive side of things instead of focusing on the negative. The reason your unconscious is consumed by this might stem from an innate fear of war and turmoil. Thus, to avoid that uncomfortable place for you, your unconscious seeks out the peace in your environment.

Usually, the thing that underlies this unconscious drive is a deep respect for humankind. You care about the future of the world, even beyond your own involvement in it. As a result, your personal integrity acts as a surrogate for your deeper drive toward peace and guides you in daily life towards decisions that are respectful toward yourself and others.

Though your unconscious mind is driven most strongly by Peace, there is much more to who you are at your core.

No shit? Аз пък реших, че ще ме изкарат пак потенциален масов убиец;) Колко добре се отразява на подсъзнанието ходенето на планина, а?
Тестът отнема много време, над 50 въпроса, а все пак трябва да гледаш и петната.

Най-смешното е, че горната картинка за мен всъщност имаше асоциация с война. To secure peace is to prepare for war, etc.

Видяно при inat.


alvin said...

Направих си го. Резултатите са ИДЕНТИЧНИ с твоите.

Явно две деца не променят човек чак толкова ;)

Hazel Baggins said...

@ alvin
Силно мой човек, дори на подсъзнателно ниво:) Ма аз си знам:)

Aquarius said...

got this:

A, your subconscious mind is driven most by Imagination

This means you have a deep desire to use innovative ideas to enhance your life and influence the world around you. This drive influences you far more than you may realize on a conscious level.

Your need to be innovative drives how you look at new opportunities and the kinds of experiences in life you choose to have. On an unconscious level, the reason you may be so driven by imagination is your fear of destruction, the opposite of creation. When you are unable to create due to restrictions imposed by your environment or even ones you unwittingly impose on yourself, do you feel trapped or confined? You may find these feelings of unease only get better when you find another outlet for your imagination.

With such a strong creative orientation, you are willing to entertain a broad spectrum of ideas at any given time. The world is a fuller, richer place because you can contribute new ideas to any experience. Your natural curiosity inspires those around you and encourages them to come up with ideas they wouldn't have thought of without your help.

Though your unconscious mind is driven most strongly by Imagination, there is much more to who you are at your core.

lyd said...

ха, и на мен това се падна :)