Apr 19, 2005

Divisible by 17

So much to see, so much to live for?

I have been immersed in doing things for a while, and turning 34 somehow slipped through the web of time, almost unnoticed. I didn't throw a party, but I did go to a friend's birthday party, preceded by a house-warming party, which in turn was preceded by several really great get-togethers. A good time was had by all;) No, this is not going to work. I'm half asleep, so I'll do it Bridget Jones style:
Car stereos stolen - 1.
Car locks broken - 2.
Batteries flat - 1.
Kids sick - 2.
Tax returns filed - 1.
Indian restaurants sampled - 2.
New jeans bought - 2.
Social security documentation lost - 1.
Books read (in the last 3 months) - 1.
Chinese movies seen - 2. (House of Flying Daggers and Hero. I don't mind Chinese ruling the world, now or in 200 years. They ARE good at sticking to noble causes and killing loved ones. No, seriously. These are two of my favorite movies ever. Colors, music, movement, tears, eyes, caligraphy, bamboo... the list can go on forever.)
Games finished - 1 (Syberia 2. Kids just love Kate Walker, she is practically a family member now.)
Games started - 1 (Grim Fandango. A new chapter in my games education which is also a trip back in time).
Games downloaded - 2 (Everquest 2 and Lineage 2. Clearly a latecomer in the world of MMORPGs, I couldn't connect to the server of either. These were free offers which I could not take advantage of, most probably my RAM is not enough, or my anti-virus programs play a trick on me. Did I mention I had a terrible virus problem which I solved by paying a guy to clean the computer and install really good anti-virus software? Serves me right.)

The last music I downloaded before the shutdown of free servers was all of A Perfect Circle and King Crimson. We are witnesses of the end of an era, and the dawn of a new one. I thought using torrents is difficult but it turned out it's not and it's much faster than I expected. BitComet flies high;)
I should write about inspiration but this is not a good time. Growing old takes its toll. Or, much worse, I keep humming an ancient Helloween ballad called 'The Tale That Wasn't Right'. Vitamin B for the masses, the ultimate cure for not being right. Other drugs don't work.