Feb 5, 2016

American - Part 7

Be young, be dope, be proud
Like an American

Or in this particular case - like a Mormon.


At the entrance of Zion National Park.

 This is Viara's photo in Tropic (from the previous post and bryce pioneer village)

 Another of hers: I'm driving on the red tarmac road to the red rocks of Zion.
 Red and white.

Mexican food before the hike in Zion.

Most of the photos did not turn out so well, but I like this one.


 I wish I could return to Zion. This even has a biblical ring to it;)0

An impossible house where we slept. The mormon owners used to live in it.

 The backyard.

A series of geeky photos of a bookstore in Cedar City.

 Stephanie Mayer - the good Mormon girl.

 I love the combination of History of the Church (Mormon I guess) and Harry Potter
The last one is not in the bookstore:)