Nov 25, 2008

Buy Nothing Day

Този петък или събота е Денят без пазаруване. Нашият ден, денят на противниците на консуматорското общество.

Няколко различни мнения в тази статия, цитирам:

"The consequences of us completely ceasing to purchase non-essentials would mean that the people who create them would be out of work and unable to even purchase essentials."

"The way of austerity and only buying things we strictly need leads to Cambodia under Pol Pot, Afghanistan under the Taleban or China under Mao"

"Consumer confidence, so the government tells us, is vital for the recovery of the economy. A splurge at M&S's one-day sale is the socially responsible thing to do, like buying bonds in the war."

Статията на Пол Греъм бях превела тук.