Nov 18, 2004

Some kind of wonderful

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Three teardrops were my answer
to your invited memory.
It could have been my memory.
I was 26 at the time,
I should remember more clearly,
but I guess I'm the forgetful kind.
All I can hear is the burst
of memories colliding.

Reply 2

you bet
but you don't know the odds
you don't know the stakes
and the length of the race

she is
a lover of edge-like spaces
a collector of border-line cases
a reader of shadowy faces

you bet
but you're too far ahead
you squint to read letters
fail to touch that crevice

she is
a mentor of all-time wannabes
a seeker of far-off galaxies
an avatar of reachable goddesses

Nov 11, 2004

Movie Review - A Lame Attempt

I just saw a Russian movie with English subtitles, and I laughed and laughed and laughed. The movie was "Come look at me", Prihodi na menya posmotret. The movie is about an old disabled lady who lives with her spinster daughter. The lady desperately wants her daughter to marry, and the daughter, driven by the supposed imminent death of her mother, invites a total stranger home and introduces him as her boyfriend. The man and the prospective mother-in-law like each other immediately, and he makes every effort to be liked by the daughter. With the intervention of a fantasy granddaughter, quasi-miraculous healing, and a lot of hilarious repartee in between, the movie has a happy ending, as Russian movies go. And Irina Kupchenko is beautiful...

I am hopeless at writing reviews:) Lately I come across movies which show middle-aged women looking great and falling in love: Something's Gotta Give, Pornographic Liaison, now this one. I wonder whether this is a sign that I should wait until I'm over 40 to fall in love:)

Middle age looms round the corner, regardless of what the mirror says... I am not sad, just amused.

Just to note that now the music's back I indulge in it like a maniac:) Current album: Ayreon, the Human Equation. Current song: Rainbow, Can't Let You Go.
New additions to my music: Tool, Wallflowers
I welcome recommendations for downloads, now that I am content, tolerant and only slightly apathetic;)