Jan 31, 2006

Music Is Like Sunrise...

...but some never get to see it.

Poor folks, suffering from amusia.

Test your musical perception here.

Jan 30, 2006

No Comment

Concerning this comment:
It's not only Bulgarian folk songs that praise hard-working women:

My offspring, my younger one
my child, my baby
if you want to wed well, to
bring me a daughter-in-law
don't propose on a Sunday
on the church path don't betroth:
then even a piglet shines
and even a sow wears silk;
the very worst concubines
hurry along the church path
all got up in blue stockings
all made up in red laces
their heads bound in silk
their hair tied in braids.
Weekdays are the better time:
do your wiving then, my boy!
Take one from the thrushing-floor
from those holding flails choose one
from those grinding betroth one
who has her coat on crooked
or straight without meaning it
whose kerchief has hoarfrost on
her bottom dusty from the stamper
her body white from grinding!
Kanteletar (1:88)

No comment again:)

We Stayed Friends

Helloween's concert was much better (and longer) than I expected. However, it triggered too many memories... My ex was also in the crowd, as this was his favorite band when he was a teenager, and actually he introduced me to their music. But of course, we weren't together, and listening to our song 'A Tale That Wasn't Right' was kinda heart-rending. Sometimes songs, like other four-letter words beginning with s, happen.

A Tale That Wasn't Right

Here I stand all alone
Have my mind turned to stone
Have my heart filled up with ice
To avoid it's breakin' twice

Thanx to you, my dear old friend
But you can't help, this is the end
Of a tale that wasn't right
I won't have no sleep tonight

In my heart, in my soul
I really hate to pay this toll
Should be strong, young and bold
But the only thing I feel is pain

It's alright, we'll stay friends
Trustin' in my confidence
And let's say it's just alright
You won't sleep alone tonight


With my heart, with my soul
Some guys cry you bought and sold
They've been strong, young and bold
And they say, play this song again

There is so much more to life than surviving a divorce. The longing, the 'joy' of C.S.Lewis, the universe.

But still there is the universe
Inside of us that never bursts
We might not know the meaning yet,
But I am sure we can't reject
The truth that is in everything - that is and has
Been and will be


There is long way to go
Here is a high place to know
There is a world to go through - but there's so much
More to do, until we're home!

Chameleon was a special album for me, telling about the journey from unbelief to belief. Of course, nothing beats the Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt 1 and 2. Music is best.

Jan 27, 2006

Job Related:)

"... all mankind is of one author, and is one volume; when one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language; and every chapter must be so translated; God employs several translators; some pieces are translated by age, some by sickness, some by war, some by justice; but God's hand is in every translation, and his hand shall bind up all our scattered leaves again for that library where every book shall lie open to one another."

John Donne

Jan 26, 2006

What Deadlines Can Do To You

Life isn’t about keeping score.
It’s not about how many friends you have.
Or how accepted you are.
Not about if you have plans this weekend or
If you are alone.
It isn’t about who you’re dating, who you used to date,
how many people you’ve dated,
Or if you haven’t been with anyone at all.
It isn’t about who you have kissed, it’s not about sex.
It isn’t about who your family is
Or how much money they have.
Or what kind of car you drive.
Or where you are sent to school.
It’s not about how beautiful or ugly you are.
Or what clothes you wear, what shoes you have on,
Or what kind of music you listen to.
It’s not about if your hair is blonde, red, black or brown.
Or if your skin is too light or too dark.
Not about what grades you get, how smart you are,
How smart everybody else thinks you are,
Or how smart standartised tests say you are.
It’s not about what clubs you’re in
Or how good you are at ‘your’ sport.
It’s not about representing your whole being on a piece of paper
And seeing who will ‘accept the written you.’
But life is about who you love and who you hurt.
It’s about who you make happy or unhappy purposefully.
It’s about keeping or betraying trust.
It’s about friendship, used as a sanctity or weapon.
It’s about what you say and mean,
Maybe hurtful, maybe heartening.
About starting rumors and contributing to petty gossip.
It’s about what judgements you make and why
And who your judgements are spread to.
It’s about who you’ve ignored with full control or intention.
It’s about jealousy, fear, ignorance and revenge.
It’s about carrying inner hate and love, letting it grow, and spreading it.
But most of all, it’s about using your life to touch
or poison other people’s hearts in such a way
that could have never occurred alone.
Only you choose the way those hearts are affected,
and those choices are what life is all about.

Author Unknown
For my future teenage kids;)

Jan 20, 2006

Find the Difference

Guild Wars has started a free for all PvP weekend, and this is my new character. Join the fun.

Jan 19, 2006

Feminism FTW

Today I read this Bulgarian folk tale to my daughter. It's about a lazy young woman who was raised not to do any housework. When she gets married, her husband teaches her a lesson using a rug, which he asks to do various chores and then beats it for not doing them. The rug is of course duly placed on the back of the woman:) The version in the storybook was much more detailed and horrific:D Male chauvinists, domestic violence, abuse... it's all there. Omg. It's a meeen's world;) Back to cooking now.

Jan 17, 2006


Today my brother's wife had her first baby. I'm so happy:))))) Must celebrate:)

Out, out, brief candle!

I am not careful about details. So when tagging my list of albums for the last.fm community, I found that the name of James Blunt album is not Out of Bedlam, but Back to Bedlam. Bedlam has two meanings:

  1. A place or situation of noisy uproar and confusion.
  2. often Bedlam Archaic. An insane asylum.
Which probably signifies that my subconscious desire is to go slightly less mad. Or, more likely, I was thinking of including another album in the list: Audioslave - Out of Exile.

On signifying:

Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
and then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

William Shakespeare, Macbeth

This quote (without the first line) is also the motto of The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner which I read when I was a teenager. Incidentally, Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's plays I've read more than once.

This is just a post to correct the name of the album:) If that doesn't make you listen to James Blunt, nothing will. And to the other runner up in my list, Paradise Lost with their 2005 album, which right now I place on top of the list. I'll say it in two words: In-credible.

Jan 14, 2006

Does Size Matter?

King Kong is a big movie. A little too big, actually. The filmmaker is obviously a megalomaniac but I forgive him, much more easily than I forgave him for LOTR trilogy. (Well, I haven't forgiven him some of the things he put there, and probably never will, but that's not the point.) I didn't cry for the giant ape, I guess that makes me a cold-hearted bitch. But I laughed, and sympathized, and admired, and gaped, and gasped, and smiled crooked smiles, said 'oh shit', was taken out of myself, was brought back again, said wtf, said wow. A must-see. Sunsets always send my heart throbbing.
So do poets. Er... playwrights. He's the one.

Jan 6, 2006

My Top 2005 Albums

1. System of a Down - Mesmerize/Hypnotize (2 in 1)
2. Dream Theater - Octavarium
3. Shadow Gallery - Room V
4. Riverside - Second Life Syndrome
5. Dredg - Catch Without Arms
6. Coheed and Cambria - Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness (what a name:P)
7. Porcupine Tree - Deadwing
8. The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute
9. Sigur Ros - Takk
10. James Blunt - Back to Bedlam

Ridiculously eclectic (taste in music), or just plainly ridiculous:)

Jan 4, 2006

Oh-So-Cheesy NY Greeting

Kansas - Hold On

Look in the mirror and tell me
Just what you see
What have the years of your life
Taught you to be
Innocence dyin' in so many ways
Things that you dream of are lost
Lost in the haze

Hold on, Baby Hold on
'Cause it's closer than you think
And you're standing on the brink
Hold on, Baby Hold on
'Cause there's something on the way
Your tomorrow's not the same as today

Don't you recall what you felt
When you weren't alone
Someone who stood by your side
A face you have known
Where do you run when it's too much to bear
Who do you turn to in need
When nobody's there


Outside your door He is waiting
Waiting for you
Sooner or later you know
He's got to get through
No hesitation and no holding back
Let it all go and you'll know
You're on the right track


It's one of my favorite songs of all time, so I don't care it's cheesy:P

Happy New 2006 to all, and remember that hope springs eternal.

Shou Wang (First Hope)
that's my Chinese Pvp healing monk in Guild Wars;)