Nov 16, 2007

Long Time No Lyrics

Queensryche - Someone Else?

When I fell from grace
I never realized
how deep the flood was around me.
A man* whose life was toil was like a kettle left to boil,
and the water left these scars on me.

I know now who I am
If only for a while,
I recognize the changes.
I feel like I did
before the magic wore thin
and "baptism of stains" began.

They used to say I was
nowhere man,
heading down
was my destiny.
But yesterday, I swear,
that was someone else not me.

Here I stand at the crossroads edge,
afraid to reach out for eternity.
One step, when I look down,
I see someone else not me.

Looking back and I see
someone else.

All my life they said I
was going down,
but I'm still standing,
strong and proud.
And today I know there's
so much more I can be,
I think I finally understand.

From where I stand at the crossroads edge
there's a path leading out to sea.
And from somewhere
deep in my mind,
sirens sing out loud
songs of doubt
as only they know how.
But one glance back reminds, and I see,
someone else not me.

I keep looking back
at someone else ... me

*not necessarily male


Lina said...

An all-time favourite! God knows how many times I have identified with these lyrics...
Someone else... me?

Thanks :)

hazel said...

@ lina
it is a great song indeed
I'm afraid I've underestimated Queensryche for much too long, focusing exclusively on Operation Mindcrime.
On Nov.13th they released a new album, Take Cover. Check it out, I sure will.