Oct 10, 2007

Low-key, Dark, And Tragic

As they are.

Ulver's new album Shadows of the Sun is all of the above, but also melodic and gentle, perfect for introduction to this unique Norwegian band. The band's site offers samples and paid download, as well as these words:


ULVER release SHADOWS OF THE SUN on their own label, Jester Records, without a sumptuous production and marketing apparatus. We make music, not money, and cannot compete with labels that fly you to lavish banquets and free booze in grand hotels, in exchange for bold text. Also we do not wish to present the music with noise interferences and/or lower quality out of pirate paranoia. Instead, the album has been streamed in 320kbit audio, for one-click press listening. It makes no sense to spend hours and fortunes on P&P. This is the future. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding. Thank you.

Respect and awe. One more reason to hurry up and get a credit card.

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