Jul 11, 2006

Star Friend Rising

So, you've been dying to know who's my star friend I've mentioned more than once on various occasions? The one who stopped talking to me for five months, then called me by mistake, and after that tried to talk me into playing Jagged Alliance 2 and buying a refrigerator? (His failure in the former was matched by success in the latter, so fair is fair:D)

He's too many other things to list, but I credit him as the first online person I've ever seen IRL, the first big-brained math guy I ever found moderately attractive, and one of the major influences in my thought and life. He's a genius, too, or at least was a genius at the time we met. He's also kind, fun, and sexy, but taken:)

Last but not least, he showed me #mordor about 7 1/2 years ago, and if it hadn't been for him, I wouldn't have met most of you guys out there.

So hats off to Xyt, (pronounced as in hoot), the star actor on the stage of fate.

PS. You know I love you, Xyt:) Welcome back.


alvin said...

Ти ли го подучи да блогва на английски? тц тц тц ;)

Hazel Baggins said...

Невинен съм! Отвътре му дойде;)
Пусто и той иска to rule the world:)