Jul 27, 2006


Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning 'the right moment', or 'the opportune'.

"The two meanings of the word apparently come from two different sources. In archery, it refers to an opening, or "opportunity" or, more precisely, a long tunnel-like aperture through which the archer's arrow has to pass. Successful passage of a kairos requires, therefore, that the archer's arrow be fired not only accurately but with enough power for it to penetrate. The second meaning of kairos traces to the art of weaving. There it is "the critical time" when the weaver must draw the yarn trough a gap that momentarily opens in the warp of the cloth being woven."


In rhetoric, for example for Aristotle, it is the time and space context in which proof will be delivered. The other elements of context are 'the audience', the attitude of those who will receive the proof, and 'to prepon', the style in which the proof is clothed. Kairos is the goal of effective communication with the audience, taking advantage of changing circumstances.

To my audience:

The tracker reports a daily average of 25-30 visitors. I have always valued quality above quantity and I appreciate your loyalty to this piece of communication with the universe. Even when I don't receive feedback, I know you're there. Thanks. I had prepared a speech for my birthday party but the context did not permit giving it, so here it is:

When we're born, we're small and helpless and we need others. When we're dying, we're small and helpless, and need others. But the secret is: we need others between those two moments, too.

This is the last post for some time as I'm going to my hometown to study the ascetic practice of internet-free life. This is a critical time:) Circumstances change and we must adapt. A gap opens momentarily in the cloth of time, and beauty, truth, and love pour in. I don't know if my arrow has enough power but I will give a definition of falling in love in the strongest language available to me. This is the moment of the amazing transition from 'I want to f**k your brains out' to 'I just want to hold you'. Call it love.

And not to forget, in theology kairos is 'the appointed time in the purpose of God'.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful term :)

Safe traevls!

- W.

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