Jul 25, 2006

It's A Kind of Magic

My battery powered best friend is back on track. Yep, the red one;)
Peugeot 106.

With a new battery, new oil, air, and petrol filters, and a lot of luck. The mechanic asked me: 'How did you get here at all? You have only 300 g motor oil. No leaks. The motor is running perfectly without too much smoke.'
I thought a bit, and answered: 'It's a kind of magic'.
From now on, I will check the motor oil level with the gauge, as I was told 2 years ago.

Note to self: Your luck is running out. Check it regularly. Use the appropriate tools.

Conclusion: If you don't look, it's not there. In some cases, like motor oil, not-being-there can be devastating.

I know, I'm wiser than usual today. It's all this Chinese food:)


Anonymous said...

About luck: I have the same observation - it runs out sooner or later. I recently started pushing mine too far, and it started pushing back.
Beginner's luck, I mean. It's a special kind - everybody is entitled to it, but it runs out - and that's a good sign, reading: "you've just become an advanced user!" ;)

As for the regular luck, it stays with the person. Never runs out. Only I guess you call it a different name ;)

- W.

Hazel Baggins said...

@ W.
Agree about 'the advanced user'. It's damn tougher!Welcome to the club btw:)

As for luck 'by any other word': I respectfully disagree. You know the one about 'my middle name is luck. my first name is bad'.

No such option with the other word, I'm afraid. Worse luck.