Jul 18, 2006

If You Don't Look, It's Not There

Just a few days short of a Terrible Deadline (tm) I am making a fierce inventory of the things I ignore.

1. The Terrible Deadline. I have piles of work to complete, instead I am using Distracting Shot, writing here.
2. The palm. It's a 11-year-old palm I took out to the balcony, just like last summer (now you know what I did last summer). This summer it started dying immediately. It's sunny out there and, having in mind I don't water it regularly, as well as 2 other plants on the balcony, there is nothing supernatural about its decay. Or is there?
2. The closet. I have this closet full of bookshelves, boxes full of books, boxes full of cassette tapes and cds, boxes full of magazines and old papers, old computer pieces, my climbing equipment, unused baby carseat, unused baby carrier... stuff like that. I need to do something about the chaos and dirt there. But I don't.
3. Social security payments. This year I haven't made them because even though I paid regularly for several years, the bureaucrats ignored me and did not acknowledge it. I refused to turn the other cheek, and there you go. In the unlikely event of a third child, I will address the issue.
4. Heating bills. Oh, the pain. I owe a 4-digit amount for the past winter, and I'm slowly contributing to it. Veeeery slowly.
5. My hard disk. My God, it's full of music! I bought the necessary quantity of cds, a marker for writing on them, and a cd holder. Then I lost the marker. I consequently still keep the music on my hard disk, occasionally deleting a movie or two. (Off: the Terrible Process (tm) of burning cds just horrifies me. I need company to burn more than one cd. I *know* how to do it. I just don't want to do it alone. Call me wierd.)
6. My car. It wouldn't start one sunny morning about ten days ago, and I don't know what to do about it. 'Take it to a car mechanic' sounds like a reasonable option, but I *can't start it*. So it rests comfortably outside the apartment building. Ok, maybe not so comfortably. One of the tyres will be flat soon.
7. The palm. I know I mentioned it, but did not mention it had a name. It's Palmer. It's much better now it has a personality, mm? Anyway, I hereby announce a campaign 'Save Palmer'. It's not completely dead, and the sooner I do something about it, the higher the chance of survival. I guess it would mean cutting off the dead parts, moving it somewhere else and maybe watering it. And telling it 'Don't die, Palmer. You mean so much to me'.

There is no list...


ikew said...

Now THIS is my hazel ^^

frostie said...

Lift your ass off the chair ang go take the freaking palm inside NOW.

Hazel Baggins said...

@ ikew
:) Which one? The one who saves Palmer or the one who kills it:D
tnx. you know how much you mean to me.

Hazel Baggins said...

@ frostie
Yes sir, er...officer;)