Jul 17, 2006

My Son, Ask For Thyself Another Kingdom

My son went to stay with dad and grandparents. Kids-free week, coinciding with heavy-duty-work week, hello! I am ready to conquer new kingdoms:)

I would like to point to three new links on the right. One is Pandora, which kinda rivals my beloved last.fm (check it out, it's updated; now it combines the winamp plugin and the radioplayer, also cool new design - I went for the black one immediately!). A brief affair, however, may strengthen a serious relationship. But then again, it may not.

The other link is the updated why-now, a site where you can learn one Chinese character per day. It's all about you, not me:)

Faithful to my incoherent-but-fun approach to life, universe, and everything, I would like to thank Xyt for his insightful lecture on the difference between black holes and supermassive black holes.

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