Jun 9, 2007

Weekend Warrior

What if I wanted to fight
Beg for the rest of my life
What would you do?

I took an impossible project to do over the weekend (that is, impossible for anyone but me), sent the kids to Dad's place, and started working. First I cleaned the kitchen, of course;) I'm one third through, so I might as well go out for a beer with a friend. A smoker friend, so wish me luck.

Withdrawal is still gnawing at me on the inside, so after a short afternoon nap with nightmares I went to the store and bought some junk food - ice cream, pretzels, chocolate. Easy, I ate that while kids were not home even when I smoked:D

Despite the heavy amount of work, I don't mind deadlines on Monday. They don't make me feel normal in the regular sort of way (my time off is Monday and Tuesday when everybody else works) but they remind me of the time when I was very happy. I'm reasonably happy even now, but I can't say with all honesty I've got everything I need, like I did before. This quote from Wikipedia sounds daunting.

Major depression may influence smoking cessation in women. Quitting smoking is especially difficult during certain phases of the reproductive cycle, phases that have also been associated with greater levels of dysphoria, and subgroups of women who have a high risk of continuing to smoke also have a high risk of developing depression.
The hateful phase of the moon is coming soon, cower:D

Anyway, I'm determined to reach untold heights of self-management, mainly by listening to music. Yep, another addiction. Wuthering Heights is a good band for reducing the risk of depression (listen). I'm afraid they'll top even Maiden this week in my charts. Also, 30stm did not show up on Download live webcast. I missed their time, but apparently they didn't want a webcast, so I went and watched some videos on youtube.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the hottest male born in 1971. A fantastic live act, too.

The same song with more entertainment value and Jared with his regular makeup^_^

Here's another one where a young Chinese emperor has a very unusual request for a birthday present. Amazing full version - allegedly the first American music video, shot in China.

I know I'm an idiot, but I just realized I once knew Jared Leto's double.


aleks said...

He-he, I remember him since before mid 90's, when he was still an actor, as Jordan Catalano in "My So Called Life", together with Claire Danes.

I was pretty alone in my yesrnings then; it's good to see more people came around eventually :-)

Hazel Baggins said...

@ alex
I confess I remember him as Hefastion in 'Alexander', and I even wrote somewhere here that Alexander and I share the same taste in men:)
However, music is best;)