Jun 28, 2007

The Doors Tribute

You think you've come so far?
You think you learnt along the way?

I rummaged through and old drawer, and found this. An ancient tribute to The Doors - Lament. I don't listen to them anymore, honest:)

(a newer stranger)

My heart - sore and crucified -
Will never know you.
Praying, swaying (a throbbing organ?)
Seeking empty spots
To place divinity, disorder,
Faith, falsehood, and fatigue.

But wait and see - it will surrender
When love flows down from above.
I wet my lips - get wet all over.
Screaming, streaming, brimming,
I splayed my thighs - life sneered.
Just wait and see - crocuses bloom,
Reach an unfathomable kingdom,
Smell eternity...

Born to suffer, gone crazy in the head
(Where's the altar? dying on a vine?)
Should I speak of love or rather
Sacrifice myself in the name of wisdom,
difference, romance?
My brother is not easily angered,
nor self-seeking,
never keeping records of wrongs.

Just wait and see:
I'll keep my tongue from evil.

Jim Morrison said 'words got me the wound and would get me well... if you believe it'. Smart!

The world right now is divided into two kinds of people - air conditioned and the rest of us:D The rest of us still don't smoke and browse the net for construction and repair companies. I can't think of any other excuse to post this:)


k.minov said...

the airconditioned do not smoke either :P

Hazel Baggins said...

@ k
we (the royal we) are not amused.

conditions stack and cause rapid health degeneration:)
when you miss gw, smoking and such, come back and talk to me again:D

Crash Davis said...

I just fail to recognize the way you corelate everything around you with the epic, dramatic clash between the dubious desire to stop smoking and the smoking itself. The question is not whether it's causa perduta, but if it's causa at all. Anyway, I think I have just find the perfect solution in vice fighting situations. It's called euphoria. But what can drive you into deep calories burning euphory that lasts for hours? Sports. Tons of it. I will unfold the idea in my blog shortly, but lemme tell you - there is nothing like watching blasts from the past in high resolution and loud speakers sound. It's thrilling. It gives you shivers to the bone. It makes you feel stronger. The blood is boiling in your veins. It's the perfect replacement of orgasm invoking devices like women. It's cheaper, more comfortable and user friendly.
Remember Trainspotting? That part where the guy is banging (well, she is banging him) that skinny girl while the tv shows little Archie Gemill's goal against Holland in the 1978 World cup? Who would need a girl in such moment? The inspiration, the hope that marks his curvy path to the Dutch net, the inch perfect movements, the ellegance that drives the ball between the skinny, white defender's legs... Who needs a woman? Who needs a cigarette? Who needs a drink?

Hazel Baggins said...

@ smith
we ARE amused:)