Jun 22, 2007

Fairytale Gone Bad

Now, this is a *different* Finnish band - Sunrise Avenue;)

Just listen.

Lyrics *in English* here. No more rabbits in my hat:)

A comment in youtube:
"I believe sunrise ave is almost the best from finland but the rasmus is also good :D"

Edit: More of the same here. I just love self-referencing. Also, I see something Lennon-esque in this guy ^_^.


alvin said...

Не знаех как се казват тия момци, но песента съм я слушал и припева хич не е лош :))

BORIME4KA said...

СТРАХОТНА Е! :) Сега я уча на акустичната китара...

hazel said...

@ borimechka