May 20, 2007

Worst Case Scenario

I saw the future dressed as a stranger

Come live in a daydream. One day, you will look for me and find me in this future. You will fall for me - not because I'm smart or attractive, but because I make rain and sunshine for you. You will see through my middle age, marital status, and mediocre writing. You will enter my world, help me raise the kids and renovate the balcony, and even make a new baby, with or without Down syndrome. We'll be a perfect match and we'll live happily... long after.

Then the inevitable will happen and the future will become past. I will reach menopause, face old age with a courageous little smile, and you will leave me for someone younger. I will be single again, with three kids and two exes, and my eyes will look like a Wong Kar-Wai movie. But I will survive, like I always do, because the Lord is my shepherd, and I'm a fighter character.

So it goes. I choose the present over the future.

Better to live one day

How all things arise and pass away.

Better to live one hour

The one life beyond the way.

Better to live one moment
In the moment
Of the way beyond the way.