Mar 26, 2007

Mainstream Music

The Mainstream-O-Meter compared you to an average of 530,447.1 listeners in the top 10.

You are 15.36 % mainstream!

My most mainstream artists are Muse (444,871 listeners), Rammstein (287,507), and Audioslave (262,819).

My most underground artists are Lost In Tears (452) and Dark Suns (2,252).

Of the ones I thought were 'underground', Isis scored highest with 61,313, almost as high as Anathema (62,871) and higher than Amorphis (59,255). Ah yes, it must be because there is another band with the same name:D The situation is the same with Pain (29,656). Im-possible:)

The most underrated artists in my top 30 chart were Shadow Gallery (8,798) and Royal Hunt (3,413). Maj Karma scored in the same range (8,303), but hey, they sing in Finnish.

Speaking of Finnish artists, my latest discovery Viikate (The Scythe) just rocks.

If only this language didn't have 16 cases;)

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