Feb 23, 2007

Oh no, not I...

... I will survive.

I took a long walk today in a forgotten part of the city. I haven't been there for years. The pavement still remembers my steps, the trees still stand tall like they used to, and even the air is filled with the scent of you and me. Nothing that ever happens can take this memory out of me. I may go many places, I may act out a multitude of personalities, but a small piece of me will always be the woman you loved from here to eternity.

И последен цитат от "Малкия принц":

И когато се утешиш (човек винаги се утешава), ще се радваш, че си ме познавал. Винаги ще бъдеш мой приятел. Ще ти се иска да се смееш заедно с мен. И понякога ще отваряш прозореца, ей така, за удоволствие...

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