Sep 30, 2006

Lube. It's Official.

I'm in love. For a die-hard music addict like me, it's hard to touch me afresh. This Russian band did it.

Любэ - Давай за... (video here)

Серыми тучами небо затянуто, нервы гитарной струною натянуты.
Дождь барабанит с утра и до вечера, время застывшее кажется вечностью.
Мы наступаем по всем направлениям. Танки, пехота, огонь артиллерии.
Нас убивают, но мы выживаем, и снова в атаку себя мы бросаем.

Давай за жизнь, давай брат до конца.
Давай за тех, кто с нами был тогда.
Давай за жизнь, будь проклята война.
Помянем тех, кто с нами был тогда.

Небо над нами свинцовыми тучами стелится низко туманами рваными.
Хочется верить, что все уже кончилось, только бы выжил товарищ мой раненый.
Ты потерпи браток, не помирай пока, будешь ты жить еще долго и счастливо.
Будем на свадьбе твоей мы отплясывать, будешь ты в небо детишек подбрасывать.

Давай за жизнь, держись, брат до конца.
Давай за тех, кто дома ждет тебя.
Давай за жизнь, будь проклята война.
Давай за тех кто дома ждет тебя.

Давай за них, давай за нас, и за Сибирь и за Кавказ,
За свет далеких городов, и за друзей и за любовь.
Давай за вас, давай за нас, и за десант, и за спецназ,
За боевые ордена, давай поднимем старина.

В старом альбоме нашел фотографию деда, он был командир Красной армии.
Сыну на память Берлин сорок пятого века ушедшего воспоминания.
Запах травы на рассвете нескошеной, стоны земли от бомбежек распаханной
Пара солдатских ботинок истоптанных, войнами новыми, войнами старыми...

Давай за жизнь...
Давай за тех...
Давай за жизнь...
Давай помянем тех, кто с нами был...

Thanks to Mordred and his better half.

Concert? Tickets? Anyone?

LOTR remake video here:)


Anonymous said...

I'm totally, out-of-my-mind hooked, too.
What is it in this music?!? I know I am an obsessive person, but this particular band is especially addictive.
- W.

Hazel Baggins said...

@ W.
It's getting curiouser and curiouser.
Too many coincidences:)

Anonymous said...

No shit. It's getting scary :)
Now, there's two theories (possible explanations) so far.
They are based on the observation that it's more women than men who get hooked onto it.

Explanation 1: Sex.
Explanation 2: Nostalgia.

E1 is yet to be developed, actually.

E2 claims that women yield more easily to feelings such as nostalgia, and having in mind that russian patriotic songs bear a connection to the times of our childhood and adolescence, there you have it, the key to our hearts :)

E1 I suppose means something like: male chorus + soldiers / weapons / explosions (war aesthetics) + the idea of heroism (in the sound, lyrics, and videos) (war ethics) = sexy.
But I've got to see yet another video besides Kombat to check and supplement this hypothesis. I guess not all of them are about war.

Also, this is not to say that women, in general, get turned on by war :) It's only a bunch of women we're talking about here, and they're far from representative.

- W.

Hazel Baggins said...

@ W
What do you mean another video besides Kombat?! Davai za>>>>Kombat.
The song is better, too. And I expected more comments on dying Boromir scene. It's a song about life and death, about beauty and truth, and all you are talking about is sex. Wtf?:P

No, women do not get turned on by war. They are turned on by *warriors*.

Konstantin said...

wow, some discussion...:)
I just like them:)

Anonymous said...

Warriors: yeah, allright. Pardon my wrong phrasing :))

@Konstantin: there's no "just" in "like". Liking is not a simple process. And especially the mechanics behind a hit song or band. Figuring it out is difficult enough even on the most limited scale of self-investigation.

@haz: "Davai za" - not seen and heard yet. My connection to YouTube is maddeningly slow, and there's no time for so much pleasantries at work :)

- W.

Hazel Baggins said...

Come back when you've heard it:)
It's a life-saver, it is.
I don't care for the video, it's the song that moves me.
And the lyrics.

Anonymous said...

the damn thing wouldn't log me in ith my google account, so :


Does the profound understanding of the exact mechanism driving you to like or dislike something change in any way the pleasure or whatever the emotion it is you derive from that very thing? not for me:)

Anonymous said...

It's more than simple. Lube is the best band ever existed, so it isn't strange that people love them so much :)

(W, your "Explanation 1: Sex" is somenting like "Doctor, you are sexual maniac!". It's totaly unacceptable)


Anonymous said...

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