Sep 11, 2006

In Other News

it's like the time i lost my body
and then i saw it on t.v.
somehow it shed a whole dimension
but it still looked like me
(hey! that looks like me!)

I haven't gotten to the state of 'body' on the screenshots, but I will, shortly. It took this warrior almost ten minutes to kill me:D I liked his axe, though:) Also, Frost commended me on my improved movement!

Background: when your guild plays against a top 100 guild in the GW ladder, the match is shown on 'television', that is, it can be observed by other players in the game in the so called 'observer mode'. The match is shown with 15 minutes delay to avoid abuse. There is a special observer channel, often full of hate spam, sometimes interspersed with sane advice.

In other news, I went to a live Guild Wars event, as part of the audience. I had a lot of fun trying to figure out who is who on the star team, having watched them in observer mode:) I copy the press release from the ESL site, correcting some of the typos.

Току-що бяха изиграни финалните мачове в дисциплината Guild Wars. Шампиони в първия сезон за България стана гилдията The Bulgarians [BG], които надиграха достойните си опоненти от Small Gods [SmG] с резултат 2:1. Срещите протекоха доста oспорвано. BG спечелиха първата карта, след което бяха изравнени. На последната карта бъдещите шампиони показаха своята класа и се зарадваха с титлата.

The Bulgarians [BG] 2-1 Small Gods [SmG]

Първите шампиони в българската лига по Guild Wars се наричат The Bulgarians. На гилдията бяха дадени осем копия от новия експанжън на играта - Nightfall.

In yet other news, Meteor Shower ftw and Corley for president:)

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