Apr 29, 2007

Pidän sinusta

...ja melkein rakastan sinua. Muista :)
Tänään on kahdeskymmenesyhdeksas huhtikuuta, kaksituhatseitsemän.

I enqueued 5,800+ songs in Winamp, turned shuffle on (which I almost - melkein - never do) and started studying for my Finnish language exam. I enrolled in a free online course in Finnish, which starts on May 1 (ensimmäinen toukokuuta). The tutor has provided textbooks, grammar books, glossaries, exercises and tests. The only problem is that the course is second level, and I need to cover the entire first level heti (immediately). Classes are three times per week, one hour, on MSN (well, nothing's perfect).

Nyt minä alan opiskella .

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