Apr 24, 2007

Quizlet Rules!

Memorizing vocabulary is usually not the most interesting part of language learning. Old-school language school people should remember the tedious repetition of up to 100 words per day.

Quizlet is a fun site where you create word sets, and learn words in three stages:

  1. Familiarize - Basic flashcards. Use the arrow keys for quick navigation.
  2. Learn - Powerful call-and-response-type learning. It keeps track of your right and wrong answers and retests you on ones you get wrong.
  3. Test - Generates a random test of written, matching, multiple-choice, and true/false questions. Test mode is highly customizable, allowing you to choose which types of questions and how many.
There are several Finnish sets there, hurray. My memory is failing but I'll give it some training.
Hyvää yöta.

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