Jan 30, 2007

Stars Die

This is a quote from an astrology site:)

This is a period of general regeneration, which may not be entirely pleasant. Most of us are attached to the past whether or not it is good for us. And this influence will root out precisely those elements of the past that are not good for you, even those aspects that you have forgotten about. Problems that you may have lost track of entirely but which are still working unconsciously in your life may reappear and become active now, usually but not always to your detriment. This influence is associated with forces for change that are inherent within the hidden depths of things. Therefore you should not blame the unpleasant changes that occur now on circumstances or persons in your environment. Look within yourself to see how the groundwork for the present is laid in the past. Many things may be destroyed at this time, and the destruction will be ruthless if you defend them with rigidity. The action of this influence upon unyielding entities is particularly harsh. Therefore you should simply allow the things of the past to fade and allow the future to be born on their ruins. If you can do this, the potential for positive change is very great.

More stars here.


ikew said...

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Hazel Baggins said...

@ ikew
did you check the link?:)

ikew said...

try to make me :P

Hazel Baggins said...

You'll never see supernova remnants *sigh* here: http://heritage.stsci.edu/2005/15/images/p0515ab.jpg