Nov 20, 2006


More than once have I said: I want life to the fullest. One pretty original response to that was 'Play MMORPGs', but here's a brief note for future generations, which does not involve GW:)

Life to the fullest. According to Dan Simmons' discussion of Proust, love fails as an attempt to make sense of life, but most people agree that love is indispensable in a life of fulfillment. My friend Elle writes about her view of love here.

Dear Elle,

I can identify with much of what you say. Walking the thin line between hope and despair, I will only add that no, that is not all there is. Love is not only about giving and taking, it's about being and doing. Don't forget, we're living in a world pretending to satisfy all our needs, but it's a fallen world, and we're fallen creatures, striving to live life to the fullest, by having all there is to have. Love just happens to feature prominently in the shopping list.

My current thought is that gaps, losses, and holes in the plane of our being can make a beautiful pattern. Cynicism aside, a few spots of complete and utter fulfillment can make the pattern even more beautiful.

All my love and prayers go with you,


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Elle said...

I realize that it is not all about giving and taking but ultimately, there doesn't seem to be anything divine or unearthy about it. Are we asking for too much when attempting to live life to the fullest? When we can't, do we adopt the old cynical approach or do we keep trying? Some people never find out.